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In most cases these PikePro Long Nose Pliers are the best tool for unhooking pike and zander on either bait or lure traces. The 11″ (27cm) length is ideal for big pike, where the extra reach enables hooks that are positioned well back in the mouth to be easily removed.

Made from high quality mild steel, these pliers are very strong and durable with knurled jaws that making gripping hooks much easier.

The high-grip handles are a no-nonsense design that make the pliers easy to use, even with wet hands. Finished with stylish red bands that make the tools easy to find, even in the dark.

The PikePro long nose Pliers should be an essential part of your unhooking gear, especially when lure fishing with thicker gauge hooks.

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11″ / 27cm


These extra strong pliers make unhooking pike and zander much easier, especially when using the thicker-gauge hooks often found on lures.

Slide the finger and thumb on your weaker hand slightly under the gill plate and move forward to hold the fish under the chin. Slowly lift and the pike will open its mouth, giving you access to the hooks inside. If in doubt a bite-proof glove can be used to protect your fingers.

In most cases, the hooks will be visible inside the mouth. Insert the pliers into the mouth and grab the shank of the hook. Push down gently but firmly to release the hook. Repeat for the second hook is used. Try to keep some tension on the trace to make it easier to see the hooks and to help remove them.

If the hooks are deeper in the mouth then it can be easier to access the hooks by inserting the pliers very carefully through the gill plate. Once again, grip the shank of the hook, push down and twist the hook to release it.

If the hook has been swallowed then do not panic! Grip the trace and slowly but firmly pull and the top of the throat will unravel revealing the hooks (there is plenty of slack in the throat so this will do no harm to the fish). Grip the shank of the hook and slowly turn it upside down, at which point it should release.

If the hooks are awkwardly positioned then it is often better to use wire cutters or light bolt cutters to cut the hook point off to release it, avoiding damage to the fish.



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