PikePro P200 Boat & Bank Rod


Developed for the most demanding pike fishing situations, the PikePro P200 Boat & Bank 10′ 6” 3lb rod is designed for the angler who prefers a more compact, agile rod designed for hard-fighting big pike. 

This rod will also suit the bank angler who wants to be as mobile as possible, yet needs a rod that is capable of casting heavy baits considerable distances and those anglers looking for one rod to cover both bank and boat fishing.

With its high-modulus, powerful semi-parabolic action the PikePro P200 Boat & Bank rod is ideal for casting baits significant distances, yet forgiving enough to avoid tearing the hooks out of soft baits. 

We recommend using PikePro Main Line Braid for sensitive bite indication and improved hook setting.

Fitted with a super grade cork handle, screw reel seat and SiC rings, including an anti-wrap tip, the P200 Boat & Bank rod sets the bench-mark for modern pike rods. 

We have incorporated a subtle marker ring on the handle for perfect alignment when using PikePro drop-off indicators attached to your back rod rest.


Learn more about PikePro here.

Watch trace-making videos on our YouTube channel here.


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