PikePro Extra Strong Trebles


What can we say about our new extra strong trebles? Well, I suppose we should start off by looking at the strength. Despite selling any hundreds of thousands of our standard trebles over the years, we have often been asked for a ‘beefed-up’ version for fishing for hard-fighting wild fish in harsh venues that really stress tackle to the limit. What we didn’t want to do though was produce a hook that couldn’t be straightened on a steady direct pull with our 65lb braid, as we see this as a key safety feature that enables snagged rigs to be retrieved in most cases. 

In testing, we found that increasing the wire gauge by around 20% gave the characteristics that we were looking for – a significant increase in strength, without affecting sharpness. The result are the new PikePro Extra Strong trebles. Available in sizes 4, 6, and 8 in packs of 15 hooks.

The hooks all have a nice dark nickel finish that helps to avoid rust and prolong the live of the hooks. The simple round bend is what we have found the most consistent shape for both holding baits and hooking pike, and we have kept the bait-holding barb small and unobtrusive, making unhooking fish easier. 

Find them in your local PikePro stockist – look out for the distinctive day glow Extra Strong stickers on the packaging that set them apart from our standard treble hooks. 


Product details

Product Code

Q109, Q110, Q111


Treble Hooks

Quantity Per Pack


Sizes Available

4, 6, 8


Ideal for making all forms of pike and zander traces. As used on all PikePro ready-made traces. Use with PikePro trace wire and swivels to make the ultimate in reliable traces.

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