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Have you ever wished you were able to change the hooks on your trace, or add a Bait Popper easily? We certainly have, and over the last few years we have been looking at how we can carry less traces, but with more rigging options. This is especially important when long walks are involved, and every ounce counts, but we came to appreciate just how this added level of flexibility gives so many more advantages. 

Want to use a size four top hook and a size six below it, no problem. Need a lure trace in a hurry, you’ve got it. Add some buoyancy in just a few seconds. These traces cover all the options in one. 

We have also incorporated our brilliant 49-strand 40lb trace wire into these traces to give them greater flexibility and improved longevity. This inherently dense wire also sits closer to the lake bed improving presentation. 

One further benefit is that we have found that the extra movement created when the hooks are mounted on split rings give better hook holds, especially when using smaller hooks, and we have noted a small, but significant, reduction in the number of fish shaking the hooks free close to the net. 

We have been refining this trace design in our own fishing over the last two winters and we believe that, for the discerning angler, they not only give several advantages, but offer great value too. 

Each pack contains:

  • Main 49 strand, 40lb trace with XS split ring
  • 2x Extra Strong semi-barbed treble hooks
  • Hook link with XS split ring
  • Rigged Bait Popper

Product details

Product Code

Q29 – Pro Trace Size 4

Q30 – Pro Trace Size 6

Q31 – Pro Trace Size 8


Pike Pro

Quantity Per Pack


Sizes Available

4, 6, 8


Use these traces for all of your live and deadbait fishing. Simply remove the hooks / Bait Popper to achieve the rig you need.


If hooks should become blunt they can easily be removed and replaced from the extra strong split rings.


Remove all of the hooks and you are left with a simple lure trace.

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