Lure Traces

Our UK made lure traces are designed to cover the vast majority of modern lure fishing techniques with super-strong construction and components. Choose the strength of trace based upon the size of lures that you are using.


Q19 – Lure Trace

Made using 40lb seven-strand wire these traces are ideal for smaller lures (up to six inches). Use this trace with small soft lures, spoons, crank baits and spinners.


Q100 – XS Lure Trace Black (60lb)

The ideal trace for larger lures (especially soft lures and swimbaits) in the 6-8 inch range whether casting or trolling.


Q101 – XS Lure Trace Red (80lb)

When casting or trolling big lures this is the trace to use. Made using 80lb coated seven-strand wire and 100lb+ rated clips and swivels, this is the ideal trace for big swimbaits of 8 inches and above.


All traces are a minimum of eighteen inches in length to eliminate the risk of bite-offs should a pike jump or roll during the fight.

Super-secure tournament clips.

Kink-resistant plastic coated wire.


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Q19, Q100, Q101


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We recommend using the Q19 40lb standard lure traces with braid of at least 40lb test.


For Q100 and Q101 XS lure traces we recommend increasing braid strength to 80lb minimum. This not only means that less heavy lures will be lost on the cast, but often means that snagged lured can be carefully pulled out of snags and not lost.

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