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These precision-made PikePro Wire Cutters are designed to easily and cleanly cut through Muti-strand trace wire.

Whether you are using seven, 19 or 49 strand wire (or single-strand titanium) this is the tool to get a perfectly clean cut every time.

The carefully ground jaws make mince-meat of the toughest wires giving you the perfect starting point to your trace making without the annoying unravelling of the end of the wire often associated with cutting wire with scissors.

If you take your trace making seriously then the PikePro Wire Cutters are a must!


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With uncoated multi strand wires we first like to gently anneal the end of the wire to make it more pliable. Do this by holding the wire under the flame of a lighter for a few seconds. When folding the wire back onto itself to form the loop make sure it is at the end of the heated section.

Use the larger inner cutter for wire. This will produce a clean cut every time, even when using heavy-duty uptrace wires.


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