Twiddlin Stick

With its oversized handle and fine stainless steel crook this Twiddlin Stick has been designed to create perfect twisted joints on traces every time. Can be used with both swivels and hooks to create tight, even twists.

High visability over-sized handle is not only more comfortable to use, but is also easy to find when you drop it in the grass!


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Heat the last 2 inches of your wire with a lighter until it glows red. Create a loop in the end of the wire and pass the loop through the eye of a hook or swivel. Pass the hook back through the loop and carefully pull tight. Insert the Twiddlin Stick into the eye of the hook or swivel and holding the tag end of wire at 90 degrees to the trace slowly start to turn the Twiddlin stick. Keep turning the Twiddlin Stick forming nice even closely-spaced twists of wire along the main trace.

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