Paternoster Swivel

Creating a simple, tangle-free connection when fishing a float paternoster set-up has always been difficult, but not any longer! After quietly being used by some of our consultants over the last few winters we are now ready to launch what we believe is the simplest and strongest paternoster link yet.

Consisting of two rolling swivels which are connected at ninety degrees to each other, our Paternoster swivel allows free rotation of the lead link, and crucially almost resistance-free rotation of the hook trace.

A strong cross-lock style snap link has been used to allow the hook trace to be changed instantly.

We believe that this product will significantly increase your catch rate by reducing tangles that are prone with most float paternoster rigs. Try them out, we are sure you will be impressed.


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For safe results we advise always fishing a float paternoster rig with a sufficiently long uptrace to avoid bite-offs.

The paternoster swivel is designed to be used at the bottom of your uptrace to produce a super-strong and almost resistance free linkage between your uptrace, weak link and hook trace.

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