Winterised Oils

Winterised fish oils are one of the best ways to boost the attraction of your deadbaits, or use them to create a trail of fish attracting oil using our Pike Bombers

Fully winterised so the oils remain liquid even below freezing, making them very easy to use and giving maximum leak-off.

Available in a wide range of super-effective flavours, try adding a matching flavour to your deadbaits, or for something really different, that is perfect for wary pike, use a different oil on your deadbait to create a totally unique bait.

Available in Herring, Mackerel, Sardine, Pilchard, Lamprey, Salmon, Smelt and Trout in 150ml bottles.


Q36 – Herring Winterised Oil (150ml)

Q37 – Mackerel Winterised Oil (150ml)

Q38 – Sardine Winterised Oil (150ml)

Q39 – Pilchard Winterised Oil (150ml)

Q40 – Lamprey Winterised Oil (150ml)

Q41 – Salmon Winterised Oil (150ml)

Q42 – Smelt Winterised Oil (150ml)

Q167 – Trout Winterised Oil (150ml)


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Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39, Q40, Q41, Q42, Q167


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There are several ways of using our winterised fish oils. Ideal for use with our Oil and Air syringe kits, use the large bore needle to inject oil into your deadbaits.

Alternatively, add a small amount of oil into the skin of your deadbaits to give a faster leak-off.

All of our winterised oils are also perfect for use with our Pike Bombers, simply inject or soak the Oil Sponges with oil and get catching!

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