Twin-Treble Traces

Our Twin Treble Traces are designed for use with a large range of different deadbaits and are made using only the best quality PikePro components. We believe they are just as good as a trace you tie yourself! Also known as a snap tackle, or two-hook trace, this is the ideal trace to use with baits from around 4-inches in length and upwards.

These traces can be used with many different rigs and hooking arrangements. Perhaps the simplest is a leger rig, with the top hook mounted in the tail-root of the bait, and the lower hook in the flank. The same hook positions work great if you are using a float legered bait too

When fishing a bait suspended off the bottom, normally under a float or on a float paternoster rig, we recommend a different hook positioning. For these rigs place the upper hook in muscle just in front of the dorsal fin and the lower hook in the base of the pectoral fin. This arrangement holds the bait almost vertical, giving it a more realistic appearance when suspended in midwater.


We use our 40lb seven-strand wire on all of our traces, along with 80lb rated swivels and our famous treble hooks. These components combine to give a super-strong trace that will not let you down. Importantly, when used with our PikePro Main Line Braid, it is possible in most cases to straighten the hooks on the trace, rather than snap off, enabling snagged bait traces to be retrieved.

We finish off our traces with our own design swivel and hook covers, which produce a neat finish to the rigs. Finally, we supply Bait Flags with each trace, which add additional visual attraction and can be used to hold baits in place.


All of our traces are made in our own factory right here in the UK, giving us compete control over build quality. With many years of experience in trace-making our staff ensure you get a trace that is just as good as you can tie yourself.


Our Twin Treble Traces are available in three hook sizes, to suit different sized baits. As the hook size increases so does the distance between the hooks, giving you the perfect positioning whatever size bait you choose.

For baits of around 5 inches to 6 inches, such as medium smelt, mini mackerel and small trout we recommend using a size 8 Twin Treble Trace.

For baits from 6 inches to 8 inches, such as large smelt, sardines, and small herring, we recommend using a size 6 Twin Treble Trace.

For baits above 8 inches, such as Maxi smelt, joey mackerel, large roach and pollan, we recommend using a size 4 Twin Treble Trace.


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Q12, Q13, Q14


Ready-Made Traces

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4, 6, 8


Use the supplied Bait Flags to hold soft baits in place. This is particularly useful on the hook positioned in the tail of the bait, as the hook point will be on the opposite side of the bait and the Bait Flag will stop it moving.

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