Rig Bin

We have longed for the perfect rig bin for a long time. Something that would hold traces securely, keep them dry and fit in a rucksack pocket, without taking up too much room. In the end we set about designing our own ‘bin to give us just what we wanted and this is the result. With it’s clip lock design it is very easy to use, but watertight, and with a really secure retention system. Simple, no nonsense design!

Extra strong rig bin with the most secure trace retention ever. Click-lock lid with waterproof seal. Transparent body so that you can see the traces inside. Sized to fit perfectly in rucksack pockets. Ten slots for traces and high density foam insert for hooks. Central recess for bait elastic and other accessories.

  • Waterproof sealed design
  • Highly secure trace retention system
  • Fits perfectly in rucksack pockets
  • Ten trace capacity

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Pike Pro

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Simply insert the swivel into the slot and wind the trace around the foam core. Try to ensure that each turn falls into the slot in the retaining bar as this helps to stop the trace from unwinding. Secure the hook by pushing the point of one of the hooks into the foam core.

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