Bait Flipper

The Bait Flipper is such as simple idea, yet it has caught us a lot of extra fish, thanks to how it subtley changes the dynamics of a deadbait rig. Use it when you want a deadbait to be presented on the lake bed, or use it as a pop-up. We believe it really comes into its own in cold water conditions when lethargic pike can struggle to pick up deadbaits from the bottom.

By adding just enough buoyancy to counteract the weight of the bait the Bait Flipper makes it much easier for a pike to engulf a deadbait without having to resort to using a popped-up bait, which can be rejected by hard-fished for pike. We first noticed this at Chew Valley, where popped-up baits, even those still touching the lake bed, were ignored. To overcome finicky takes and fish just nicked on the extremeties of the snout, we started using what eventually became the Bait Flipper.

Supplied with buoyant foam in several colours and micro zip ties for attaching foam.


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Attach approximately 1/3 of a length of buoyant foam to the trace between the treble hooks using two zip ties. Attach bait and trim the foam to size so that the bait just sinks. You now have a critically balanced bait that will always land with the hooks facing upwards.

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