Advanced Drop-Off

The Advanced version of our revolutionary drop-off has been designed primarily for anglers who use a rod pod, or who wish to leave their indicator brackets permanently fixed to their banksticks.

The banksticks adaptor fits permanently underneath the rear rest and the vertical arm can be unscrewed allowing the indicator to be removed for storage. The bracket also ensures that the indicator is in the perfect position when using a rod pod, where no banksticks are present.

In addition, the Advanced Drop-off also features a sliding stainless weight that can be adjusted to vary the tension on the arm. For fishing at extreme range or in a strong undertow the tension can be increased, enabling drop-back indications to still be registered clearly.

We believe that the Advanced Drop-off is the current pinnacle of pike indicator design, enabling a degree of sensitivity to be achieved line never before.

  • Integral buzzer bar / storm pole adaptor
  • Adjustable tension weight
  • Unique indicator head with integrated adjustable ball clip
  • Micro-adjustable line tension for perfect release
  • Nylon-reinforced threads for extra strength
  • Super-smooth clip allows drop-backs to be shown clearly
  • Super strong stainless steel arm

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